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Quality Lab

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Intensive research of market and considering customers’ interest, we decided to create “Quality Lab” equipped with the newest expert class equipment (2013 year) having international standards. The laboratory is distinguished with as newest equipment as well as qualification stuff. Quality laboratory is unbiased and independent legal form bearing subject.

Quality laboratory “Quality Lab” is located in the central district of Tbilisi (historical) on Tsereteli Avenue, which makes easy and is comfortable to serve potential customers operatively.

Central office of “Quality Lab” fully satisfies international standards (including safety and technical ICO) necessary for laboratory. At this stage there are functioning 3 departments in the center: laboratories of chemical research, microbiology and biogenetics. In the laboratory is installed the newest ventilation system also is arranged sterile area (so- called Prebox and Box) with sterilizing lamp. Sterilization is made in the modern autoclaves. In the laboratory are installed climate-control system, suction and drying boxes; there is also considered continuous delivery of permanent electrical power, hot and cold water.

Cooperation memorandum was formed between Georgian chamber of commerce and industry and quality laboratory “Quality Lab”. The parties expressed will to carry our joint projects for distribution and control of quality products in the country.

New service in the “Quality Lab” – Applied Biosystems Step One genetically modified organism (so-called taste) detection device in various food products by quantitative and qualitative disrupt.

Quality laboratory “Quality Lab” tightly collaborates with Martin D. Abeloff Laboratory - Cancer Research Center, about research of containment of cancer-causing substances group (carcinogen) in the food product. Above stated research in complex with chemical, microbiological and GMP products may be used for creation of ecologically pure product.

Netherlands QUADRA ( carries out auditing inspection of “Quality Lab”. Very soon “Quality Lab’s” European ISI/IEC 17025:2005 will become the holder of European accreditation certificate!

In case of need “Quality Lab” offers Express Test method which implies accelerated analysis of microbiological characters (3-5 hours).